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System requirements: Windows 10 / 11 (32 & 64 bit) - .NET Framework 3.5 / 4.5
 Wordsland v1.20

License type: donationware
.NET Framework: 3.5
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Software description

Find as many words as you can before the time end!

Challenge your friends (up to 8 players) or play alone!

The game is simple: click on the letters to compose a word, then click on "Add" to confirm it.

Letters can be selected in any order (also non-adjacent).

Words can be entered in any language.

What's new in 1.20:
- added a new registration method: download a temporary license code!
- removed third bundle software (I'm sorry, I didn't thought there was too many problems with the third software installed)
- updated internal libraries code
- updated registration code

What's new in 1.10:
- added a new registration method: now the software can be registered by installing a third party app. Useful for people that don't have PayPal.
- new software updater: the next new versions will be downloaded and installed without the need to unzip manually!
- when a new version is available, the list of latest changes is shown in the same window

What's new in 1.00:
- first release

Software screenshots

Words can be entered in any language (i.e. Italian):
Right click on a player name to rename it:
Game and score points help:
This software uses:

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