Free TvDB - release notes

Version 5.33:
- seasons not present anymore in a series are cleaned up in the local db (this caused the update loop bug)
- (fixed) rare bug: after updating a series, the software keep looping in the update process
- changed the location confirm icon with a save icon
- some bug fix

Version 5.30:
- (fixed) DB load error in case a series XML is not present and cannot be downloaded from
- (fixed) after auto/manual updating a series the focus is lost and another series/season is selected
- some bug fix

Version 5.20:
- (fixed) rare crash on some systems when opening the config window (System.InvalidOperationException)
- updated error reporting engine
- updated internal libraries code
- various code fix

Version 5.10:
- automatic ZIP library download in case the file ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is not present
- added a new registration method: SMS. Useful if you don't have a credit card or PayPal
- new error reporting system engine
- various code fix

Version 5.02:
- updated registration library code

Version 5.00:
- added a new registration method: download a temporary license code!
- removed third bundle software (I'm sorry, I didn't thought there was too many problems with the third software installed)
- updated internal libraries code

Version 4.98:
- rare software crash after opening the config with a wrong proxy configuration
- added a skip button in the bundle pre-installation message: the third party software installation can be easily skipped
- various optimizations, fix and code updates

Version 4.96:
- fixed a startup module
- fixed a function in the proxy module

Version 4.95:
- fixed the YouTube parser
- fixed the XML parser
- improved proxy detect on startup (option "auto enable proxy" should be active)

Version 4.93:
- (fixed) script error while trying to watch YouTube video

Version 4.92:
- updated the software installer

Version 4.91:
- (fixed) sometimes the bundle installer does not detect correctly the end of a succesful installation
- updated the software installer

Version 4.90:
- new software updater: the next new versions will be downloaded and installed without the need to unzip manually!
- when a new version is available, the list of latest changes is shown in the same window
- added a new registration method: now the software can be registered by installing a third party app. Useful for people that don't have PayPal.
- fixed the software updater check
- (fixed) software crash when temp dir cannot be created
- recompiled with .NET 3.5

Version 4.85:
- (fixed) the youtube video search does not find any result
- fanart / posters / imdb images now are shown in fullscreen
- various updates & fix

Version 4.82:
- (fixed) the youtube video search does not find any result
- updated internal modules

Version 4.80:
- added a new button in the Video tab: "Search bloopers video on YouTube"
- more search results from YouTube are displayed in the video panel
- the video search results panel can be closed
- the Op.Theme tab has been renamed to "Video"
- in multi user systems when setting a fan art as a wallpaper, it is changed only on the desktop of the logged user
- added error handling in the YouTube parser engine
- added series to DB are removed from the search results
- (fixed) menu option "set as wallpaper" sometimes is not visible and sometimes is visible on images that cannot be set as wallpaper due to low resolution / size
- (fixed) window borders of zoomed images are slightly larger than the screen working area
- (fixed) on netbook the YouTube search buttons in the Video tab are not visible
- various code updates

Version 4.56:
- fixed a potential issue with firewall/proxy software which filter or modify web data
- video gallery: if a youtube video is no more available, an exclamation point is displayed instead of a blank image

Version 4.55:
- added a button in the Op.Theme tab to search related video on YouTube of selected series
- fixed the YouTube video finder module

Version 4.50:
- new feature: if an opening theme is not present in the database, the software search automatically it on YouTube
- corrupted images are deleted and re-downloaded automatically
- added a button to stop loading IMDB images
- (fixed) IMDB gallery continue to load images after selecting another series or closing TvDB
- (fixed) if a season poster is not found, the software display a stretched banner poster
- (fixed) random routine (of banner and fanart selector) always skip the last image
- various bugfix (DB module), code updates (internet module) and some improvements

Version 4.10:
- added series status in episode page (thanks to Kushal for reporting this missing info)
- various code updates (internal functions)

Version 4.02:
- (fixed) the log report an error every time a series (in the results window) is selected using the checkbox

Version 4.00:
- fan art images can be set as wallpaper (just right click on them and choose the relative menu option!)
- cast images can now also be viewed by selecting only the series or season (like images)
- now also ended series are automatically updated (for downloading/updating new or missing images/data)
- random fanart are no more rotated while loading an episode (this will increase performance)
- (fixed) after loading, the message "Checking software updates" does not disappear
- (fixed) when a series fails to download updated info, the cursor reimains in hourglass
- (fixed) when adding multiple series the software display an incorrect total of series added - various code fix

Version 3.80:
- scan directories and search is disabled in offline mode
- (fixed) when adding a single series the software display "two series added"
- (fixed) offline mode is not activated when network goes down while viewing posters and fanart
- (fixed) on slow pc, when a new version is downloaded, the software display a warning msg because has not finished to initialize
- various bugfix (offline mode)

Version 3.70:
- added a check box in the found list to easily select and add multiple series to db (instead of using ctrl / shift)
- added aired date, director, writer and guest stars to all episodes list
- added a button to remove a category
- improved offline mode: when network connection is not available the software will not try to download data anymore.
A message will be displayed on the bottom. To back online and retry simply click on it. Thanks to Kushal for reporting this problem.
- code fix (config window)

Version 3.50:
- improved IMDb images gallery: thumbnails are resized and cropped to better fill the panel
- added a new option: show db size. To improve performance, the calculation of db size can be disabled
- added a new option: backup database every week
- when viewing an image, its size is displayed on title window
- (fixed) when compacting DB some images cannot be deleted (locked)
- (fixed) after downloading a new version of the software, it refuses to exit because is still working
- optimized images handling

Version 3.00:
- new images section! Automatically show and download images from IMDb!
- opened images can be closed with ESC or ENTER key
- various fix

Version 2.20:
- (fixed) guest stars are not shown in cast panel
- removed the Facebook like button
- decreased timeout when downloading data
- various code fix & update

Version 2.12:
- (fixed) cast images are not loaded when clicking on another episode and returning to the cast panel
- (fixed) cast images are always loaded when switching to a different tab and returing back to the cast tab
- (fixed) random fanart images are not rotated anymore if the cast panel is displayed and there are no actors images to load

Version 2.10:
- (fixed) Facebook Like button is not visible on Windows 7 64bit
- changed series name label and season
- various optimizations

Version 2.00:
- the cast page has been improved: all cast images are shown on a dedicated panel!
- added "I Like" Facebook button on the episode info panel. Now you can share your favorites series with your friends! The "like" is for the series, not the single episode
- the "update all series" button has been removed. It's useless because the series are auto updated after selecting them
- improved db loading time
- the "please wait" box is visible on all the panels
- fixed some bugs

Version 1.71:
- updated the ini config module: fixed a bug (error message while reading/writing an empty ini file)

Version 1.70b:
- video list is dowloaded in compressed format (more fast)
- updated the "new version check" module / md5 integrity test
- various code fix

Version 1.60:
- added export function! The database now can be exported in txt, csv and xml format! Now it can be easily printed with other software!
- changed the background color
- some other fix

Version 1.50c:
- internal code updates for the new domain

Version 1.50:
- now Free TvDB can be easily used also offline: if server is down, a blinking alert is displayed instead of showing a messagebox error (also when downloading images)
- (fixed) internal exception when trying to resize an image file that is not present
- various codefix

Version 1.42:
- (fixed) all episodes: error if no episodes are availables
- (fixed) incorrect msg displayed after compacting db
- various fix

Version 1.41:
- optimized all episodes tab: if a banner / ep. screen is already present on local cache, it will be used instead of using the remote img
- all episodes: centered the season number

Version 1.40:
- added a new tab: all episodes info!
- updated the compact db module: now the images folders can be cleaned
- updated the download module
- total series & db size are shown on window title
- some fix

Version 1.37:
- the backup is made before checking for new versions
- new versions can be downloaded directly from the software

Version 1.36:
- code fix (net module)

Version 1.35:
- enabled the ability (in the 'add series' tab) to select and add multiple series simultaneously
- the add series panel is focused when using the scan directory
- a wait box is displayed during some operations (init db, add series, scan dir, compact db)
- application exe md5 integrity check (always download the zip package from our site!)

Version 1.30:
- added a new feature: scan directory & search! Have a large amount of series stored on a HDD? Don't want to enter them manually? Just select the directory and Free TvDB will search all the series (based on directory name)! The results will be sent automatically to the search listbox!
- after adding a series, the search result is not cleared (this is useful if you want to add series with the same title)
- increased a bit the loading performance
- decreased the downloading timeout for youtube thumbnails
- some fix

Version 1.29:
- increased downloading timeout to 30 seconds. Currently is having some problems and it's a bit slow, this may help :)
- the software will try to download data for three times before showing a connection error

Version 1.28:
- (fixed) no wide banner / season banner displayed if there is only a version different than English
- code cleanup

Version 1.27:
- fixed the position of some interface elements

Version 1.26:
- modified the search: instead of finding only the first series, all the results now are highlighted
- some changes to the interface

Version 1.25:
- added the bloopers video gallery
- changed the video ratio to 16:9
- some code fix

Version 1.20:
- rewritten the search function: instead of filtering, the series found is highlighted
- added a search box in the video gallery
- at startup the series list is positioned at top
- various fix

Version 1.15:
- (fixed) program crash if a series has no episodes availables
- the maximum numbers of backups can be configured in the options
- some enhancements

Version 1.14:
- added a search box
- now the software remembers the state of the series tree and restores it at the startup

Version 1.13:
- added a button in the episode info to view the series overview (it's located near the series name)
- some enhancements and fix

Version 1.12a:
- to prevent database corruption, Free TVDB will now wait until a saving operation is completed (the corruption may occurs on slow systems or on very large database)
- (fixed) episode watched feature and location update doesn't works when a series is automatically updated
- (fixed) on netbook the window is set in a wrong position

Version 1.11:
- added a new feature: video gallery! Now you can browse and watch all the opening themes!
- fixed: program crash if no posters or fanart is present

Version 1.04:
- added "auto update series every week" feature (can be disabled in the options). Keep the info always updated! Every time you view an episode info, the latest data are automatically downloaded!
- added watched info on seasons
- episodes without a title are filtered
- fixed: episode number is truncated if a series has more than 99 episodes

Version 1.03:
- redesigned the cast view
- optimized the exe: now is 230K smaller!
- changed background color
- fixed an incorrect error message
- fixed a bug

Version 1.02:
- fixed: images resized incorrectly when the original resolution is higher than the display resolution

Version 1.01:
- fixed compatibility with 64 bit operating systems: now the opening themes can be viewed also on these systems (sorry for the problem!)

Version 1.00:
- now the episodes/seasons can be marked as watched or not
- added a "location" box: useful if you never remember where a series is located in your home :)
- added a video tab! Searching on Youtube for a opening theme of your favorites series? We are indexing them for you!
- added network information in series info
- some bug fix

Version 0.9c:
- fixed: on netbook the screen episode is set in a wrong position
- fixed: on netbook when downloading fanart the progress bar is not visible
- added an option to use a flat background. This improve performance after closing images (the interface is not redrawed). By default this option is active.
- added an option to auto enable/disable proxy on startup. This is useful when Free TvDB is used at home / work and is on a pendrive

Version 0.9b:
- optimized for netbook! When running on a netbook, the interface is automatically resized and optimized to fit the screen resolution
- the config is saved also when closing the options using the X
- optimized the code (the exe is a bit smaller)

Version 0.9:
- right click on a series / season to copy the episodes list to clipboard (the output mask can be edited in the options)
- right click on any image to: browse gallery with explorer, copy path to clipboard, copy image to clipboard
- added a button to compact the database (this will remove all unused images)

Version 0.8b:
- fixed: when downloading a series in english and the default language is not english, the software downloaded the non-english version.
- the search result now display the language description instead of language code
- renamed the tab "series" in "episode info"
- some fix

Version 0.8a:
- added multi-language support! Series info can be downloaded in 23 different languages!
- the window can now be resized and maximized
- the "update all series" feature now works again
- code cleanup & some fix

Version 0.7:
- important performance fix: increased loading speed. The database is loaded more fast at startup!
- posters and fan art can be viewed also when selecting series name or season number

Version 0.6a:
- important performance fix: high cpu usage when moving a series to a different category (resolved)

Version 0.6:
- added categories! Now you can better organize you collections of tv series! By default all existing series will be moved to "TV Series" category. To move a series to a different category, just right click on it from the list and select the new category.
- more fast! By default the skin interface is disabled. This will increase performance while switching through tabs. You can enable it in the options.
- the random fan art gallery can be refreshed manually by clicking of the small button near it.
- some bugfix

Version 0.5a:
- optimized memory usage: every posters and fan art images are resized before displaying the thumbnails
- more fast while loading posters and fan art (a thumbnail is used instead of loading and resizing the original image)
- series / seasons can be updated directly from the list (right click with the mouse)
- code cleanup and some bugfix

Version 0.4:
- series / seasons can be deleted directly from the list (right click with the mouse)
- a progress bar is displayed while downloading images

Version 0.3:
- added random fanart gallery (can be disabled in the options)
- important bugfix & optimizations

Version 0.2a:
- improved search (response time is more fast)
- improved refresh while adding/deleting series (now it's instantaneous)
- fixed window size on Windows 7
- various code optimization & bugfix

Version 0.1:
- first release!
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