My Watermark - release notes

Version 3.11:
- some bugfix
- updated internal libraries code
- fixed exe version number

Version 3.00:
- watermarked images can be resized automatically (useful when uploading images to social media)
- improved watermark quality: text is rendered with antialias
- jpeg save quality can be set
- transparency and effects can be used together
- added more percentages for text relative size
- increased compression for thumbnails (less space used)

Version 2.25:
- added a new registration method: SMS. Useful if you don't have a credit card or PayPal
- new error reporting system engine
- various code fix

Version 2.22:
- updated registration library code

Version 2.21:
- updated registration library code

Version 2.20:
- added a new registration method: download a temporary license code!
- removed third bundle software (I'm sorry, I didn't thought there was too many problems with the third software installed)
- updated internal libraries code

Version 2.15:
- added a skip button in the bundle pre-installation message: the third party software installation can be easily skipped
- various fix and code updates

Version 2.12:
- (fixed) software updater may fails to update the exe
- updated the software installer

Version 2.10:
- new software updater: the next new versions will be downloaded and installed without the need to unzip manually!
- when a new version is available, the list of latest changes is shown in the same window
- added a new registration method: now the software can be registered by installing a third party app. Useful for people that don't have PayPal.
- fixed the software updater check

Version 2.00:
- added EXIF support: images are rotated automatically
- folders can be browsed directly in the thumbnails window
- watermark process can be stopped
- (fixed) thumbnails are not refreshed when an image is modified
- directory initializing is more fast
- window position and size is remembered
- various bugfix

Version 1.80:
- added outline effect
- clicking on preview image open it in full screen
- thumbnails present in last opened folder are loaded automatically on startup
- thumbnails are stored to increase performance while reloading a previously opened directory
- image resolution is displayed under the preview

Version 1.50:
- watermark can now have multiline text
- added text transparency
- automatic image preview when changing text watermark or font size
- (fixed) option "check for software updates at startup" don't work
- fixed some rare bug

Version 1.32:
- improved images loading performance: thumbnails are now loaded in background (in multi-threading). It's also possible to change directory or process images while them are being loaded.
- (fixed) high memory usage when loading images in multi-threading (bug found in v1.30)
- (fixed) buttons are not re-enabled after clicking on apply and no images are present in directory
- (fixed) sometime on Windows 7 the software icon is pixelated
- various bug fix

Version 1.20:
- added font family selection. The font can now be changed!
- automatic image preview when changing font family, style or relative size
- various fix and updates

Version 1.00:
- first release!
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