What is donationware?

Q: What is donationware? Why sometimes, when I open the program, a window ask me for a donation?
R: Well.. developing software have a cost. Computers... hosting... time... I can't continue to develop this type of software without a donation.

Q: What's the difference between shareware, commercial and donationware? Aren't they the same thing?!
R: No! Donationware means that you can pay whatever you want! And the BIG difference is that the donation is valid for ALL our software. You pay one time, you register them for life. This is a big difference!

Q: Ok... and if I don't want to pay?
R: No problem.. you can continue to use them without any limitation.


Q: Can I use the registration code on every computer I have?
R: Yes, for PERSONAL USE you can register the software with the same registration code on every pc you own.

For BUSINESS or SCHOOL use, you should buy a license package (click here for more info)

    You CANNOT use your personal code to register the software on a pc of another user.
    i.e.: you can use your code on your home pc and work pc, but you cannot use your code on others pc in your office.
    The registration code is PERSONAL and CANNOT be shared with anyone!

Just a note: the minimum donation is 10 euro.
This means that you are paying only 0.40~ euro for a single software.
This is not so expensive... :)

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